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International Caregiver

International Caregiver Course is the entry level to immerse in the world of healthcare. Caregivers help clients with everyday activities, from cooking and cleaning to completing errands. Other essential duties and responsibilities include: Serving as a companion to clients. Transporting clients to and from appointments, errands, activities, etc. Managing medication. Preparing meals. This course is a pre-requisite to become a Nursing Assistant. Due to the growing demand of Allied healthcare professionals, it is highly recommended to build a reputable school/institution that could provide a quality education for the interested incoming students.

Promoting this profession can promote the healthcare planning for assisting the needs of the public and private entity as well. Therefore, this study aims to assess the feasibility of a developed scheme of learning that may immersed in the world of healthcare. As globalization deepen, innovation of healthcare profession also emerges. This aims to carry out a good service given to a healthcare client.

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