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Document Controller

Document controller course is to educate students with an objective in providing/creating a systematic method of securing the incoming at outgoing files (in the form of submittals/plans or any form of documents. After completing the course, students will learn the way of securing files electronically or manually. Second is to Identify limitations in accessing files that is out of scope by the document controller. Students will learn to manage the system of filing the documents in his/her own way, in a manner that the procedure or method is clear, concise and user friendly, registering and logging the incoming and outgoing document either, it is a letter/submittals/email/confidential documents that can be easily track, accessing the files for retrieval/distribution to the concerned person/Department/proponent/end user, making sure that the documents have its own electronic andhard copy. (this can be scanned or copied and filed by numbering for filing/storing and for easy sorting and retrieval)

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